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About Kurt...

Eaton's Photo of Kurt Browning

KURT BROWNING was born in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada to parents, Dewey and the late Neva Browning, on June 18, 1966. He has an older brother, Wade Browning and an older sister, Deana Browning-Miller.

Raised in Caroline, AB, He flew up the skating ranks to win Canadian and World Titles in 1989,'90,'91 and '93 (Making KURT the only skater to win a World Championship including Compulsory Figures and under the current 'free skating only " system, as well as the first Canadian man to win this title more than once --accomplishments I know he is especially proud of!)

He is also a 3-time Canadian and World Professional Champion, and he has twice won the US Pro Classic and was the winner of the inagural Canadian Open Championship. A 3-time Olympian (1988,1992 & 1994), Kurt was given the privilege of carrying the Canadian Flag into Opening Ceremonies in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994.

Kurt has received his country's highest civilian honor, the Order of Canada. He has twice been named Canadian Athlete of the Year and has been inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. He was also elected to the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1999, and inducted in 2000.

Kurt Browning is credited with completing the first quadruple jump in competition, for which he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He served as Honorary Chairman of the 1996 World Figure Skating Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, (Where the ISU President, Octavio Chinquanta, would not allow him to skate in Opening Ceremonies, but relented to protests for the closing.) and was simultaneously honored with a biographical exhibit at the Alberta Provincial Museum entitled: "From Child To Champ". Kurt's autobiography, Forcing the Edge, was a Canadian National bestseller, and he contributed two essays to Steve Miltons book, Skate Talk. The skater has been featured in the following home videos: "JUMP!" "INSIGHTS INTO CANADA'S GREATEST SKATING STARS", "GET WHAT YOU NEED!" and "LIFE AFTER HOCKEY". Kurt was also the subject of "A LIFE ON THE EDGE," a documentary by the National Film Board of Canada.

On June 30, 1996 he married SONIA RODRIGUEZ, a principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada. He proposed to Ms. Rodriguez, during a 1995 Stars On Ice performance in Toronto. The couple has one child, a boy, Gabriel, born July 12, 2003.

On June 19, 1998, Mr. Browning received the Jacques Favart Trophy, the highest honor awarded by the International Skating Union, and received a star on "Canada's Walk of Fame in June 2001, after co-hosting the ceremonies the previous year.
Kurt has served as spokesperson for Diet Coke, Target Stores,AOL Canada, Kellogg's (becoming the first Canadian athlete to appear on a cereal box, he has also been featured on Smuckers jelly jars [Red Raspberry]),Riedell skating boots

...and has also represented the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Kurt appeared on a poster for the Canadian School Library Association's "Champions Read" Series. And has worked recently with Investors Group of Canada on a fund for young skaters.

He has toured with "Stars On Ice" and "Tom Collins Tour of Champions" (now "Champions on Ice").

As a fashion model, Kurt has appeared in print ads and catalog layouts for Eatons department stores in 1994 and in a muti-page spread for Wedding Bells Magazine (with wife, Sonia Rodriguez).

Having served as commentator for CBC, NBC, and FOX television networks, Kurt has starred in his own TV specials: "Tall In The Saddle", Kurt Browning: By Request "You Must Remember This", the winner of 5 Gemini Awards, including "Best Variety Special" ">

and most recently "Gotta Dance" (aka: "Gotta Skate") in December 2001, a second special with the same title aired in 2002, as well as a third in 2003. He was also the title character in "Disneys Aladdin On Ice" TV Special (co-starring Kristi Yamaguchi) and has been featured in the first 2 "Snowden On Ice" shows, as well as having guest starred on the specials of Scott Hamilton ("Upside Down") and Tara Lipinski's "From This Moment" and "Hip Hop On Ice", and the TV series, "Ready or Not". More recently, he hosted a segment of "100 Years of Canadian Sport" (AKA:"Kurt Browning: Ice Legends" on TSN, and contributed to A&E's Biography of Scott Hamilton as well as "Scott Hamilton: The E! True Hollywood Story." Kurt has served as a regular host for Biography Channel: Canada.KURT appeared with fellow Stars On Ice cast members on FAMILY FEUD Feb. 16-20, 2004, and also narrated the DVD "Lipton's Light Hearted Moments (of Stars on Ice: Canada) that same year.

He has recently begun a career as a choreographer with "Stars On Ice," as well as contributing to programs for Olympic Champions, Tara Lipinski, Jamie Sale & David Pelletier; as well as 2002 & 2003 World Bronze Medalist, Takeshi Honda.

Kurt was the subject of a clue on Jeopardy!, September 17 or 18, 1999. (Date dependent on weather on not Monday Night Football airs in that time slot in your area.)Kurt also received a mention on the TV series, Due South (TNT airdate: September 29, 1999).
Fraser, Sr.: "You never appreciate life until your dead! One of the Brownings said that Kurt or Robert"

As Kurt's hobbies include golf,

he was featured in Ontario Golf Magazine in 2000.

Copyright 2001-04 by John H. Baker

At a Glance


Date of Birth: June 18, 1966
Marital Status: Married Sonia Rodriguez; June 30, 1996
One child: a son named Gabriel born July 12, 2003

Canadian & World Champion: 1989-91,'93
World Professional Champion: 1995-97
Astrological Sign: Gemini

Titles as an Amateur

1983 Novice Canadian Champion
1985 Canadian Jr. Champion
1989 Canadian Men's Champion
1989 World Men's Champion
1990 Skate Canada International Champion
1990 Nation's Cup International Champion
1990 Canadian Champion
1990 World Champion
1991 Lalique Trophy International Champion
1991 Canadian Champion
1991 World Champion
1993 Canadian Champion
1993 World Champion
1993 Skate Canada International Champion

Titles As A Professional

1995 Starlight Champion
1995 Canadian Professional Champion
1995 World Professional Champion
1995 Ultimate Four Champion
1996 U.S. Professional Champion
1996 Canadian Professional Champion
1996 World Professional Champion
1997 World Team Championship (High Men's Score)
1997 Ice Wars (team)-- (Top Man in Short Program)
1997 Canadian Professional Champion
1997 World Professional Champion
1998 Skate TV Shake, Rattle and Roll Champion
1998 U.S. Professional Classic Champion
1998 Canadian Open Champion
2000 Ice Wars: Four The World Champion
(Teamed with Surya Bonaly)
2000 Ice Wars (Team)
Led World Team to Victory: Top Mens Score in both programs.
2003 Ice Wars: Highest Overall Score in Artistic Program
Other Achievements and Honors

1988 Listed in Guinness book of records for landing first quadruple jump in competition
1990 Order of Canada: the nations most prestigious honor
1990 Lou Marsh Award for Canada' s Outstanding Athlete
1990, 1991 Lionel Conacher Award: Canadian Press Male Athlete Of The Year
1989, 1990, 1991, 1993 Sports Federation of Canada Award for top male athlete
1988, 1992, 1994 Olympic team member
1994 carried Canadian Flag into Olympic opening ceremonies
1994 inducted into Canada' s Sports Hall of Fame
Honorary chairman of 1996 World Figure Skating Championships
1996: Subject of "From Child to Champ", a biographical exhibit at the Alberta Provincial Museum
1996 first Canadian athlete to appear on a cereal box (Kelloggs Special K)
1998 appeared on Smuckers jelly jars (red raspberry jelly)
1998 recipient of Jaques Favart Trophy (Highest Honor Awarded by the International Skating Union)
1998 recipient of American Skating World Professional Skater of the Year Award
1999 elected to Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame: Inducted January 30, 2000.
2000 named second most popular athlete of the century in a CBC poll of his fellow Canadians.
June 1,2001: receives "star" on Canada's "Walk of Fame."
2001:Kurt received the Gustave Lussi Award from the Professional Skaters' Association. Congratulations Kurt!
February 24, 2002: Featured performer at Closing Ceremony of Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
July 2002: Performed for HRH Queen Elizabeth II @ at sports facility opening in Nottingham, England
Appeared on "Family Feud: Stars on Ice edition in February 2004.